Building the community

Some of the revenue from native businesses has helped renovate churches, community centers, playgrounds and more.

Learn from others
Groups across New York State are battling this issue. Please visit the following sites:

New Yorkers support Indian Nations
Two-thirds say "not taxing Indian reservation businesses fair." Read more.


Preserving history
Our businesses have helped us preserve our history by maintaining artifacts and recordings of our native language.

Helping our children grow
After-school programs, scholarships, healthcare, and tutoring for our children have all been funded in part by our businesses.

Please send a message to your elected officials that ending the sale of untaxed tobacco not only violates centuries-old treaties but also handicaps us from reaching our goal of economic independence.

Helping our neighbors
Our smoke shops have helped us create other self-sustaining businesses that employ Indian and non-Indian residents and stimulate the local economy. Our coffee and wampum (beaded jewelry) businesses are only two examples of the economic stimulus we have brought to our neighborhoods.

Shinnecock Indian Nation
Learn more about the Shinnecock Indian Nation.

Unkechaug Indian Nation
Learn more about the Unkechaug Indian Nation.

Native American Business Alliance